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    Construction Solutions, LLC is a leading building products company specializing in residential and commercial dryer box vent solutions. Thoughtfully designed, and tested to meet the 1-hour equal F&T fire rating requirement. You can experience complete peace of mind after installing a dryer vent at home or commercial laundry room. Used by prominent homebuilders and subcontractors in America, our products are innovative to match your evolving dryer needs. And our dryer boxes are inexpensive. Enjoy good discounts on bulk orders.


    Why Buy Dryer Vent Boxes From Construction Solutions, LLC?


    With over 17 years of experience, we have a proven track record of delivering excellent dryer vent products in the US and worldwide.

    Superior Quality Products

    We supply dryer boxes, crafted with the highest quality standards, ensuring durability,  reliability and value for money.

    Building Code Requirement

    Our indoor dryer vent products meet local building code requirements, giving you complete peace of mind.

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    We prioritize customer satisfaction. Our team goes an  extra mile to resolve your dryer venting problems.




    Our dryer vent wall boxes reflect field knowledge, using input from trade contractors working directly with our products. This makes them thoughtfully designed and highly practical. Our products are designed to show customers there is a better way! Use the link below to search for a store near you.

    Why Our Products Are The Best Choice

    At Construction Solutions, we know how important it is to have high-quality dryer vent boxes that are easy to install. Our products meet all the required standard safety certifications and are convenient, durable and cost-effective. With our dryer vent boxes, you can rest assured that your appliance is up to code and will provide years of trouble-free operation.

    We are your one-stop online shop for all dryer vent solutions. We specialize in providing a vast array of dryer vent options, suitable for every space, no matter how tight or unconventional. We offer both what we believe are the best dryer vent boxes in the industry (both dryer vent inside as well as dryer vent indoor construction). We specialize in dryer vent solutions for tight spaces as well as fire-rated boxes.

    Our top-quality Construction Solutions dryer box is renowned as one of the best dryer vent boxes on the market, designed specifically to cater to your indoor venting needs. Whether you’re looking for a dryer vent for the roof or an indoor dryer vent, our range boasts the ideal solution. With our inside dryer vent options, you can optimize your indoor space effectively. Trust Construction Solutions for all of your dryer vent needs and experience the difference our quality products provide.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are many factors considered before deciding on the right choice. Please visit “Which Dryer Vent Box Do I Need” page for more info.

    Tested by UL and QAI Laboratories Provide a clean and professional look with a snap-on optional trim ring Can be rotated for up or down venting Powered-coated white to match the washer boxes in the laundry room Reduces construction costs and back-end delays on drywall and paint repair

    Yes, the DBX1000M4 and DBX1017FR dryer vent boxes can be. Please see the installation instructions for how they need to be installed to meet that requirement.

    The answer is no, no dryer box on the market has been tested to go into a 2-hour firewall, Reason being is it would not pass the transfer of heat portion of the test.

    The in wall dryer vent box installation involves the following steps: Step 1: Orient the box and remove the appropriate vent pipe knockout. Step 2: Extend the vent pipe at least 4 inches inside the box. Step 3: Install the gas line into the gas hole Step 4: Slide the box into position, aligning the […]

    The easiest way is to make use of a metal snips to cut the end of the exhaust hose to make it easier to fit it over the oval hole. Some supply houses carry a metal transition piece that goes from oval to round, but it is also not a perfect fit usually.

    When dealing with a 2×4 wall you must use one of our dryer boxes that is 3 ½ deep. The issue installers run into is how to get that round vent pipe into the oval knockout hole. The best way to get the vent pipe into the dryer vent box is to use metal snips […]

    When we first invented our dryer vent boxes our manufacturer installation instructions recommend that our DBX1000, DBX1000M and DBX1017FR dryer vent boxes be installed on the bottom plate. But over the years as dryers have been raised off the floor and pedestal dryers have become more popular. Construction Solutions recommends that you install the DBX […]

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