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What exactly does the DBX Dryer Vent boxes accomplish?

The DBX Dryer Vent Boxes are simple, straightforward dryer vent receptacles that install in the wall behind the clothes dryer in the laundry room. The molded cavity provides storage space for dryer flex hose allowing the clothes dryer to be installed right against the wall. The DBX Dryer Vent Boxes also allow for the elimination of bends and kinks in the dryer flex exhaust hose. This improved airflow allows your dryer to work more efficiently (saving on energy costs) and minimizes lint buildup (a well documented fire hazard). How do I order/purchase the DBX Products? On the store locator page you can enter your zip code which will then pull up the supply houses near you. In case the search turns up no supply house please contact us either by email or phone and we can let you know which way is the best way to obtain the DBX products. You may reach us at 480-346-8240 or visit our Contact us page.

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